The Produce Hall is due to open spring 2019.

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The Hall


History. Through its 160+ year life, the Produce Hall has hosted fish and meat markets, cheese stalls, sweet shops and even a public library. We’ve tried to maintain as many original features in the building as possible whilst instating all of the 21st century amenities expected in a modern food hall experience. Its classical facade still stands strong amongst its architecturally diverse neighbours and we’re proud to join its long list of residents focused on preserving Stockport’s history of a community market town.

The Bar


Unique. The beer focused bar is the only one of its kind in the world, designed to replicate the glass fronted produce displays which would have crowded the hall in it’s past life. The products are the star of the show, positioned front and centre to exhibit our passion for quality. Our hand picked selection is ever-changing as we strive to maintain an eclectic mix of the best beers on the market from the local area and beyond.

The Food


Diverse. The kitchens that wrap around the space serve fresh, delicious food from light bites to entrées, from British classics to Spanish delicacies. Each kitchen is specifically designed to suit its offering, so you can be tucking in to an authentic Italian pizza from our pizza oven while your friend enjoys roast chicken from our traditional French rotisserie. There’s something for everyone’s taste and we cater for various dietary requirements.

The People


Community. The large open space in the hall promotes a friendly and casual atmosphere for drinking and dining. Whether you come with friends, or make new ones along the way, the people are at the forefront of what we do. For us, the Produce Hall is a showcase of the hospitality industry. Food, drink, entertainment and customer service, decades of experience culminating in the creation of this social space where people are literally at the centre of what we do.